The 45 Stone Virgin

Can you imagine losing two thirds of your body weight? It’s a scary thought really. For most people this wouldn’t be possible.

David Smith however, needed to lose a huge amount of weight as he was literally eating himself to death. This short video gives you a look into his inspirational journey to lose a staggering 200kg (two thirds of his body weight!) and it has saved his life in more ways than one.

Has your weight loss goal ever seemed too hard to achieve? Have you felt as though the bigger goal wasn’t worth the pain of exercise or the deprivation of chips and cake? Then seriously… watch this video!


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3 Responses to The 45 Stone Virgin

  1. adelaide dj says:

    wow, i have trouble losing five kilos let alone two hundred, that is awesome!

  2. kate says:

    I think that it is an amazing achievement. You do not get results like that without blood, sweat & tears. He has turned himself completely around & would have dealt with a lot of enotional issues to be where he is now. Anyone who has called hime a looser or a douche really must be so incredibley shallow. Well done for turning your likfe around 7 inspiring others to do the same. You look amazing.

  3. Thanks for your comments! We saw the video and thought his efforts were amazing too! We see a lot of people transform their bodies at the gym, but your right ‘Adelaide DJ’, 200kg is a lot! If you want to follow his story, there is a TV show on channel ‘YOU lifestyle’ on Foxtel at 9pm Mondays. It’s very inspirational!

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