5 Benefits of Resistance Training

Resistance training has many benefits for both men and women. Here are 5 benefits… be sure to watch the 5th!

1. Regular resistance exercise increases bone density and can help prevent osteoporosis. Stronger bones lead to a stronger musculoskeletal system, which means you can lift, move and enjoy everyday activities with more ease.

2. Resistance training raises your metabolism which assists in weight loss. Muscle burns a huge amount of calories when it is working to repair itself after resistance training. This means that you are burning calories while you rest. (Big bonus!)

3. Stronger muscles help to prevent injuries. Stronger muscles mean stronger connective tissue, which provides protection from injuries which are caused by weak tendons, ligaments and muscle fibres.

4. Regular resistance training helps to improve muscle control and balance. This means that you will be less likely to fall, but if you were to fall it would probably be less severe due to your muscles protecting your joints.

5. If you train hard and long enough then maybe one day you could defy gravity too! CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO!

*Remember, resistance training doesn’t mean that you always have to use free weights. It simply means that you need to have resistance against the muscle. It can be your own body weight, thera-bands, kettle bells, medicine balls etc.


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