Musashi Bulk and SLM is now at North Adelaide Fitness centre

At North Adelaide Fitness centre we are always looking to give you the best in service, personal training, group fitness and supplements. To continue our commitment to giving the best supplements to our members through Gen Tec we are expanding to include Musashi through Bulk and SLM brands. We have have made Bulk and SLM bars and now we have expanded to include the protein powders.

Bulk is Musashi best seller and is used as a weight gaining product. With more carbohydrates and high protein levels this is a great product for people who struggle to put on weight and want to increase their weight/muscle mass.


SLM is the weight loss/weight management brand of musashi. SLM products have been designed to have less calories to help control weight and then some fat burning properties inside of the products to assist in healthy weight loss.

We are currently offering Bulk in bars and protein powder in 2.5 kg tubes. Through the SLM range we have the fat metabolising protein powder in 500g tubs, single protein serves and L carnitine.

Prices are available at the desk and if need further information on the new supplements please ask for Ben or Jamie for further information and advice.


About North Adelaide Fitness Centre

Join the alternative to big impersonal Gyms! North Adelaide Fitness Centre offer all you have ever wanted in a gym. Including the Best Equipment, the World's Best Fitness Classes and programs to suit you. The best Personal Trainers in a secure and highly personalised environment. Discover the health club for real people. Come in and see what makes our program different from other gyms.
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