Why everyone needs casein protein!

Casein protein (referred to calcium caseinate) is a type of protein which is derived from cow’s milk. It is found in high levels in foods such as cottage cheese, milk and butter. However supplement companies have produced protein supplements which contain part casein with whey or a casein only protein.


What casein does in the body is it becomes a gel and glob in the stomach as it hits the stomach acid. It becomes a gel and slows down the rate of digestion and allows for a slower more efficient release of amino acids. So like low GI carbohydrates, casein is a longer releasing type of food which will help keep you full for longer compared to a whey protein which digests at a much faster rate.

Having just a casein supplement or food (cottage cheese) before bed is fantastic for the slow release of amino acids to keep your muscles growing as you sleep. During the day just having a casein blend has its benefits. For people who are looking for weight loss, casein can keep them feel fuller for a longer period of time which may help with over eating. For the gym members looking to build muscle casein will help release amino acids slowly during the whole day.

Dymatize have two types of protein which we offer at the gym which contain casein. Elite Gourmet is a whey and casein protein which is low in carbohydrates and fat which is fantastic for a after workout meal or it can be added to meals. The second is Elite XT which is a casein only product which is perfect for just before bed consumption as the protein will be release slowly over the night.

So if you are looking for both weight loss or muscle gain have a look at casein products / food as this can help get protein up in your diet but also help with appetite control as well.


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