Drag Curl – old school bicep exercise for new growth

This exercise is oldie but a goody for bicep growth. Invented by the late
Vince Gironda, who was a very unorthodox trainer back in the 60’s. It was
created to get a person to completely isolate their bicep while doing a curl
and avoid using their deltoid muscles to complete the movement in a bicep curl.


To perform the movement, stand holding a barbell in a supinated grip and
shoulders apart. Pull you elbows back and forcefully contract your biceps to
drag the bar up your body towards your shoulders. Hold it up the top for a
couple of seconds and then slowly lower the bar along the same path.

The key with this exercise is not to overuse weight and keep a
controlled movement the whole time as you move the bar. Using too much weight
will use shoulder and cause you to lean.

So as you can see this is an easy move and something which you could add
to a bicep workout for variety.


for more information visit http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/detail/view/name/drag-curl


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