BCAA for women and class goers

Go into any main weights room of any gym and ask about BCAA (branch chain amino acids) you will get a response from most guys that they are really important for recovery and getting big! So I understand that for most female members and class goers BCAA’s are not important for them. So why should they take them at all?

First off what are BCAA’s? they are the essential aminos (known as leucine, isoleucine and valine). These three aminos together make up approximately 1/3 of skeletal muscle tissue in the human body and play a vital part in the protein synthesis (the production of proteins in cells from amino acids to build muscle.) When you workout (especially with weights) you will have a break down in your muscles and need these amino acids for repair and recovery.

BCAA’s are normally produced from the breakdown of food during digestion. The body breaks down protein into individual amino acids to be absorbed into the blood stream. This can help all around the body with muscle repair, essential brain functions and even hair growth just to name a few.

Still the question of why do I bother if I get them from food? And Im not trying to build muscle mass? For someone who just comes to the gym to run on the treadmill or do a Body pump or Body attack class BCAA’s are Just as important for you as the meat head down in the main weights room.

Even though BCAA’s come from food sources the levels you are absorbing may still be too low. As being a fitter person and doing more classes regularly than your friends your body is in a break down mode all the time. If you are then also on a restrictive diet, your levels of BCAA’s through your diet may be low. Having an additional supplement can help with your overall recovery from these classes can help with your recovery.

So by having additional BCAA’s from a supplement can mean you can go longer and harder in the gym but also your recovery time/muscle soreness will be shorter. As you then go harder you develop more lean muscle tissue which will cause more weight loss through the increase in metabolism. BCAA’s can also help prevent the release of cortisol into the body (see previous articles on cortisol) a fat gaining muscle destroying hormone.

So BCAA’s can help ANYONE with their fitness goals. Even though it is well known for muscle gaining, having regular BCAA’s will help any gym goer with their recovery and even fat burning abilities! At NAFC we offer BCAA products to members and the best thing is they have no additional calories in them. So if you would like more information on these products please see Jamie or Ben.

 Elite Recoup and BCAA are available at North Adelaide Fitness Centre


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