Get support for more success in the gym

We all have started a diet program or exercise routine and had initial success, the hard bit is keeping it going. Recently researchers tracked 170 overweight or obese women for two years and found the most successful (those who achieved 10% weight reduction) received the most consistent support. So the more contact they had with a specialist (weight loss specialist / personal trainer) the greater their success.

So if you find that you are yo-yoing with your diet and exercise then look for the ultimate support and give personal training a go as you will receive consistent support and direction on your fitness goals and weight loss goals.




About North Adelaide Fitness Centre

Join the alternative to big impersonal Gyms! North Adelaide Fitness Centre offer all you have ever wanted in a gym. Including the Best Equipment, the World's Best Fitness Classes and programs to suit you. The best Personal Trainers in a secure and highly personalised environment. Discover the health club for real people. Come in and see what makes our program different from other gyms.
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