Are parents the reason for obese kids?

Wow that’s a bold statement or question. Now a lot of people know my personal story and I was an obese child in the 90’s which wasn’t as common as it is now, so could have my obesity been partly my parents fault?

Well in an opinion piece by two Harvard doctors argued that the US government should have the right to remove severely obese children from their parents and place them in foster homes! Again wow that’s a massive statement. “In severe instances of childhood obesity, removal from the home may be justifiable from a legal standpoint because of imminent health risks and the parents’ chronic failure to address medical problems,” Lindsey Murtagh and David Ludwig wrote.

So why are we even talking or thinking like this? Well the statistics show that obesity is a massive issue for Australian youngsters. The Cancer council of Australia and heart foundation released figures based on a study of 12000 students in years 8 – 11 that claimed one in four were obese.

A key finding in this study states that 85 percent of the students didn’t get enough exercise, 76 percent don’t eat enough vegetables and 59 percent don’t eat enough fruit. Then on top of this one in three drink 4 or MORE glasses of soft drink, cordial or a sports drink.

So the conclusion is that we are a chronic disease time bomb ready to go off! And most of the kids are under some parental control.

While it can be argued that some kids are more genetically predisposed to obesity, overwhelming evidence suggests a healthy diet and lifestyle will trump these fat genes, which I personally can a test to!

With these damning statistics and this happening around the world more action needs to be taken by everyone. Unfortunately all habits are built and parents do have that power over their children to build good eating habits. My parents are fantastic parents and love them however they did build or allow my bad habits with eating to begin and grow. Now responsibility for me changing is and was me but the beginning was when I was a child.

So what can be done? Well teaching good habits is a no brainer but also setting a good example to your children about eating and exercises is important. Keeping childrens weight and eating in check for most of their early life is essential as it is HARD to change habits in adulthood.,13833


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