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Butt why? The reasons behind your lazy Glutes

Looking back a few years ago, before I began working in the fitness industry, I had no concept of Glute activation, and why it is so important. I used to go to group fitness classes, and run. Well, I used … Continue reading

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Do you have a lazy bum?

In my previous post, I spoke about my fascination and adoration of the Glutes.When this muscle group is neglected, that makes me sad. I cannot stipulate the importance of having a strong, well functioning booty enough. So you’re probably thinking, … Continue reading

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Hail Gluteus – The Muscle Goddess

I have a confession to make. I am constantly looking at butts, admittedly of women. I’m not that way inclined, it comes down to my utter appreciation of the musculature of the Glutes. For those I can see are suffering … Continue reading

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Behind it All – The Glutes

What are ‘the Glutes’? To me, they are the goddess of all muscles. To you, they may be what you sit on all day. In a mans eyes, they give beautiful, rounded, appealing curves to a woman’s body. For an … Continue reading

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